Style to Design have been involved in various projects since we launched in 1999. Some of our projects remain 'Top secret' and some are now public. Some of the projects that can be seen are featured below.








IMZA Show Car

Check out the full page for this concept car for Turkish Market

Bentley State Limousine

Check out the full page for the Bentley State Limousine

Ascari Prototype Interior

We were involved with producing this fully trimmed prototype for Ascari. This included developing a new seat style for a Recaro seat as seen above. The seat had a new moulded seat cushion to increase head room in the car. Ascari later changed the seat supplier so the seat never made production. The above seat and Interior were trimmed by Car and Coach Interiors Ltd.

Ford Galaxy Preproduction Foam Tools

Prototype and Pre-production foam tools were made for Lear for the Ford Galaxy and S-Max. The above seat was trimmed by Lear.

Concept seat for Lear

These foam tools were produced for lear to try out a new concept for a climate control seat.

Horizons Unlimited Motorhome

The soft trim for the horizons Unlimited Motorhome was redesigned. For this new production foam tools were made. The Ford Transit front seat was developed to allow it to be trimmed in leather. The project was done in conjunction with Car and Coach Interiors Ltd who are responsible for the trimming.

Carver One Prototype Seat

Prototype seat frames were made for the Carver One. High quality CNC models were made to produce Composite tools. From these tools quality seat shells were made. These shells were made to check out the seat design before committing to production tooling. The above seat was made for Penso Consulting the seat was trimmed by ATD Ltd.

Mini Interiors

Check out the full page on these retro style interiors for the classic mini.