Style to Design are able to provide a full range of services.

From concept to production most areas of vehicle design and construction can be accommodated.

Style to Design have been involved in many Projects from mass production vehicles to one off high class luxury limousines.

Concept Studies.

Style to Design are able to undertake concept feasibility studies early in the development of a vehicle.

This is best done in parallel with the designers to get a feel for the products requirements.

At Style to Design we aim to embrace both old and new ideas to achieve results.

Model Development.

At Style to design we are able to work closely with designers, engineers and modellers to create accurate and feasible models.

Part Manufacture.

Using various techniques Style to Design are able to convert models into solid composite parts. These can then be trimmed or painted to give the final finish.

Styling Models.

At Style to Design we are able to create stand alone styling models. These are finished to a high standard to represent production intent.

Soft Foam Mouldings.

Style to Design specialise in the development and production of soft foam mouldings. We are suited to low volume production and prototype work as we do batches from 5 to 500. The foams can easily be tuned to our customers needs in a short time scale.

Trim Development.

Style to Design are able to develop all aspects of soft trim into production. We work closely with our trimmers to achieve feasible and quality designs.

Trim Production

Style to Design have now started production of retro interiors for the Classic Mini. The first seats available are based on the Mk1 Cooper seats. These are built on original restored frames. Door casings are available in both Mk1/2 style and later designs. The colours and pattern are to customers specifications.


Prototype and Show Car Production.

Style to Design are able to offer services to support the design and manufacture of Show cars, Prototypes and limited series production vehicles.